IRS Grants Permanent 30-Day Extension to Providing Individual ACA Statements
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‘Tis the season for applicable large employers (ALEs) to scramble to meet their Affordable Care Act (ACA) obligation to provide full-time employees with individual statements that provide group health coverage information required to be filed with the IRS on Form 1095-C. Although the ACA generally requires ALEs to furnish individual statements by no later than January 31 of the year following the year being reported, each year the IRS has extended the deadline by 30 days. The IRS recently issued final rules that will make the 30-day extension permanent effective for calendar years starting on or after January 1, 2022. So, individual statements relating to 2022 coverage must be provided by no later than March 2, 2023.

Shedding Light on Qualifying Events and Special Enrollment Periods

Tuesday, February 14, 2023
2:00PM EST

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Gain insights into:

  • Section 125 irrevocable plan elections
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  • Common HR errors and oversights

Be able to answer these questions:
  • When can (and can’t) employees make a change outside of open enrollment?
  • How are tax-favored accounts impacted by permitted changes?
  • What applicable plan documents should an employer have and what are the penalties for non-compliance?

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Recap: Change Management for Small Businesses
Source: Mineral

Change is a constant in life. Organizations of all sizes must adapt to market conditions, customer preferences, regulatory changes, or more at some point. However, knowing these changes are coming and preparing for these changes are two different matters.

To help small and medium-sized businesses like yours plan for these events, Mineral sat down with two change management experts in a recent webinar. Susan Anderson, Chief Services Officer at Mineral, and Stacy Harris, Chief Research Officer at Sapient Insights, spent some time answering common questions and best practices for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Important Employment Trends to Watch
How Can Your HR Department Make the Most of 2023?
Source: HR Service, Inc.

Employment trends change from year to year. Over the past two-plus years, we have seen many of these changes occur. This is due to changes in the workforce and continued fears during a pandemic and potential recessions.

Which of these changes trends will most affect HR departments?...
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Compliance Question of the Week

Q: What is "at-will employment"? Does that mean I can fire an employee for any reason?

A: At-will employment means that the employer or employee can end the employment relationship for almost any reason (with or without cause) at any time (with or without notice).
It does not, however, allow you to terminate someone for an illegal reason, like their inclusion in a protected class or their exercise of a legal right.

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